Communicational approach to copyright

  • Olli Vilanka Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsink
Palavras-chave: Copyright in digital networks, Copyright, Communication, Economic rights


It may be questioned whether traditional concepts of individualistic droit d' auteur copyright theory apply to digital communication networks such as Internet. Due to mass of information it may be especially questioned whether it is rational to apply the concept of reproduction in an environment where no-one, not to mention individual authors, may rigorously evaluate where and when a copy of a certain piece of content is being produced. Consequently this article suggests an alternative approach to evaluate economic rights of authors in digital network environments. In doing so it theoretically compares economic rights of authors to basic research results from the field of communication studies. This approach is chosen as copyright is often connected to communication. The article offers an alternative, which should not narrow rights of authors but would provide more meaningful way to perceive.